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Help Me Choose a GRAMCORD Bundle!

The GRAMCORD Institute distributes a single GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS CD-ROM which can be password-unlocked so as to install the particular collection of modules ordered by the user. Thus, for those who need only the GRAMCORD Greek NT/Bible Companion, a few English Bibles, and the basic library, the $99 bundle is a good starter package. At the other end of the spectrum, the $235 GRAMCORD Ultimate Bundle offers the user passwords which open every GRAMCORD module on the CD-ROM. One advantage of the password-unlockable module approach is that the user can order new passwords at any time in order to expand their GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS system -- so you can start with a economical starter bundle and expand your system as you study. (Of course, we regularly post free, downloadable updates of the program and databases on our private FTP site.) Nevertheless, due to our low prices and special bonus offers, the complete GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS Ultimate Bundle is by far the most popular! The Ultimate Bundle includes every current GRAMCORD module.

Let's start with a summary of the most popular bundles. (Complete lists of contents appear below.)

GRAMCORD Greek NT & NAS95 Bundle: only $99

  • A great starter bundle for student's, pastors, home-schoolers, and includes Greek NT, NAS95, KJV, ASV Bibles and more.

GRAMCORD Greek NT/LXX Bundle: $149

  • similar to the $178 Scholar's Bundle but no Hebrew modules except NAS Hebrew Dictionary.

GRAMCORD GNT/HMT/LXX Scholar's Bundle: $178

  • Adds to the aforementioned $99 bundle both Old Testament texts with Hebrew and LXX lexicons.

GRAMCORD GNT/HMT/LXX Scholar's Special Bundle: $195

  • Adds two more Bible translations of the user's choice.

GRAMCORD GNT/HMT/LXX Ultimate Bundle: $235

  • Includes all 10 Bible modules and all associated lexicons/dictionaries (including Louw/Nida). The $235 Ultimate Bundle has been our most popular bundle--and special offers on the www.GRAMCORD.org home page have included special bonus offers.

Every GRAMCORD bundle includes the Bible Companion search engine software and associated modules. The Bible translations are always complete OT/NT even if the associated bundle is Greek NT only. (The optional RSV module always includes the Apocrypha. The LXX module includes the alternate Theodotian readings!)


Take a more detailed "tour" of the "smallest" to "largest" GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS bundles by reviewing the various levels of contents below.

Every GRAMCORD for Windows bundle includes the following "Base Package":

  • GRAMCORD Greek NT (Nestle-Aland 27th edition with GRAMCORD parsed database)
  • Bible Companion Search Engine
  • UBS Greek Dictionary
  • NAS Greek/Hebrew dictionaries with word definitions. (Includes Greek or Hebrew word underlying each NAS word, its English transliteration, the root source of the word, and a list of other NAS English words translating that word with number of occurrences of each indicated.)
  • Wheeler Greek Syntax Notes
  • Wheeler Hebrew Syntax Notes
  • New American Standard Update Bible (1995 edition. Also called NAS95 or NASU.)
  • American Standard Bible (1907)
  • NAS Strong's Concordance system
  • King James Bible
  • KJV Strong's Concordance with Greek/Hebrew Dictionaries
  • NASU (NAS95) notes and cross references. (The full NASU margin notes with margin cross references. All cross references are hyper-linked for easy access.)
  • Strong's numbers allowing hyperlink jumps to the NAS Greek/Hebrew dictionaries
  • Robertson's Word Pictures
  • Naves Topical
  • Matthew Henry Commentaries
  • Greek Textus Receptus
  • German Luther Bible
  • Spanish RV
  • Young's Literal Translation
  • Darby's Translation

GRAMCORD Greek NT & NAS95 Scholar's Bundle: only $99

A great starter bundle for student's, pastors, home-schoolers, and includes the GRAMCORD Greek New Testament with the NAS95, KJV, ASV Bibles, UBS Greek Dictionary, NAS Greek Dictionary, Wheeler Syntax Notes (and "freebies" which interest some users: Robertson's Word Pictures, NAS & KJV Strong's Concordance Systems with Greek/Hebrew Dictionaries, Naves Topical, Greek Majority Text, and more). See list of GRAMCORD "base package" above for the complete list of contents of this economical starter bundle.

GRAMCORD GNT/HMT/LXX Scholar's Bundle: $178

Includes complete GRAMCORD Greek NT base package (described above) plus:

  • GRAMCORD Hebrew Masoretic Text
  • (Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia with Revised Westminster Hebrew Morphology)
  • Princeton Edition Expanded BDB Hebrew Lexicon
  • GRAMCORD LXX with Rahlf's Septuagint (LXX with Univ. of Pennsylvania/CCAT LXX Morphology) [GRAMCORD LXX includes alternate Theodotian readings!]
  • LEH Septuagint Lexicon [a GRAMCORD Institute exclusive; a TRUE Septuagint lexicon, not a classical Greek approximation]

GRAMCORD GNT/HMT/LXX Scholar's Special Bundle: $195

Includes all aforementioned modules plus TWO more Bible translations of the user's choice. (Select from: NIV, RSV, NRSV, NKJV -- and enjoy a total of 7 Bibles. All GRAMCORDs ship with the NAS95 (New American Standard Update of 1995) but you may also request the NASB of 1977. Some users have done scripture memory from the 1977 edition and wish to include it.)

Add the The Louw & Nida Semantic Domain Greek Lexicon (for the Greek New Testament) to any of the aforementioned bundles for $25 -- or find it included AND JOINED BY THREE MORE BIBLES AND A SPECIAL BONUS when you order the Ultimate Bundle:

GRAMCORD GNT/HMT/LXX Ultimate Bundle: $235

Adds The Louw & Nida Semantic Domain Greek Lexicon (for the Greek New Testament) and all associated Bible modules (10) and all associated lexicons/dictionaries (including Louw/Nida) -- plus a free bonus program! See below for the ULTIMATE BUNDLE BONUS OFFER.

GRAMCORD Greek NT/LXX Bundle: $149

Similar to the $178 Scholar's Bundle but no Hebrew MT module or BDB Hebrew Lexicon. (You still have the Hebrew dictionaries that are included in the NAS and KJV Strong's Concordance systems. If you don't plan to do exegetical work in Hebrew -- or you wish to postpone that purchase till later -- this Greek NT/LXX Bundle is an excellent value. (You may order the GRAMCORD Hebrew MT unlocking password at a later date for just $55.)

Ultimate Bundle Bonus Offer

For a limited time, anyone ordering a qualifying GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS Ultimate Bundle may request at no additional cost one of the following:

For even better prices, order with a friend --- or organize your entire seminary class. The more bundles ordered, the lower your price. Our average GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS group order numbers 17 bundles! Visit our Group Discounts on GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS webpage.

Learn More About GRAMCORD:

Return to the GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS page.

Learn more about organizing a group of 2 or more for special quantity discounts

If you are ready to order, visit the How to Order GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS page.


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