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How to Order from The GRAMCORD Institute

Read this page or simply call (360) 576-3000!

GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS and other CDROM software: We ship by First Class Priority Mail and Global Priority Mail. However, while your package is in transit, you may request Internet download access if you are anxious to get started and are familiar with such standard procedures.

GRAMCORD Lite (for Palm & Pocket PC) is usually "delivered" by Internet download after emailing the necessary instructions and password. This software is also password-unlockable on the GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS CDROM.

For most orders we simply need your: full name, postal shipping address, phone number, email address, and means of payment. No special form is necessary. You may order by phone, email, fax, or postal letter. More details appear below.


(1) Pay by check or money order

(2) Use Paypal.com (includes Visa/MC/Discover & more)

As a result of new privacy and security requirements (which would have required credit card company access to our users' private information) and hikes in processing fees and subscription charges, we have moved our Visa/MC/Discover card processing to www.Paypal.com. When you finalize your order details with The GRAMCORD Institute, we will give you the final order total amount including shipping/handling as well as our designated email address which you will submit to Paypal for routing of your payment. (Please do not submit your payment to Paypal before finalizing your order details.)

Our international users tells us that the currency exchange rates at www.Paypal.com are excellent.

If you prefer to send your payment by check/money order, please make your check payable to:

The GRAMCORD Institute, 1405 NW 11th St., Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA

Remember: The GRAMCORD Institute is a non-profit organization. If you have special needs or require payment terms, we regularly make special accommodations. And many academic institutions, Bible translation organizations, and even denominations have arranged special discounts for their affiliates. Ask us about special discounts and group/quantity-pricing offers.

Ordering does not require a special order blank or form. Just tell us what you'd like -- whether by phone (or voicemail if outside of office-hours or when all phone lines are full), email, postal letter, or fax. Be sure to include your day and evening telephone numbers, email address, and postal address with your FULL name.

International orders: If you have a fax number, please include it as well in case we have trouble contacting you by any other means. If you send a fax, please remember to include your email address within the fax. If you plan to pay by check, make sure you get a complete price quotation from us including the shipping/handling charge. (You can click for contact information or look at the top-bar, sidebar, or footer to this page.)

When using PayPal, do NOT issue the payment to any of our online email addresses used for correspondence. Instead, PayPal payments must be dispatched to the special reserved address which we will provide upon your request. (Because of spamming issues, we must limit the posting of email addresses on our website. )

If you plan to pay by check or PayPal, make sure you get a complete price quotation from us including the shipping/handling charge. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENTS INCLUDE THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS or at least a colleague's email address so that we can contact you (even if indirectly through a colleagues email address) if there are additional questions about your order.

Shipping & Handling Charges

In general, U.S. shipping/handling charges can be determined from our published tables. However, unusual orders may require a specific shipping/handling price quote. If you plan to submit your order by postal mail with a personal check or money order, please request an exact price quotation in advance.

General Guidelines for shipping/handling

  • GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS bundle: $10 U.S.; $16 Canada; $28 elsewhere.
  • multiple GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS bundles when shipped to a single address: $9/bundle in U.S.; $12/bundle in Canada. [Elsewhere: usually one bundle per package, $26/bundle]
  • one to three units of GreekFlash Pro, GreekMaster, Hammoreh $8 U.S.; $12 Canada; $19 elsewhere.
  • adding other items to a GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS bundle order does not normally add to the S/H charges except in instances of significant additional weight.
  • In most cases a single CDROM (e.g. GRAMCORD update CD, GRAMCORD Lite CD) can be shipped worldwide for $15 S/H.

The above are general guidelines for shipping/handling charges. For atypical orders, if you require an exact assessment in advance (e.g. when writing a check), please contact The GRAMCORD Institute. Some free bonus offers (especially heavy multiple documentation sets) may require a shipping surcharge for overseas delivery.

Postage rates and shipping/handling charges are subject to change without notice.

Using Credit Cards: Submit Through Paypal

Due to new privacy and security regulations -- as well as much higher processing fees -- The GRAMCORD Institute now directs all credit card payments through www.Paypal.com. We will provide our Paypal payment address when you finalize your order total.

Special Payment Terms

As a nonprofit organization, The GRAMCORD Institute makes every effort to accommodate special financial needs and schedules. Please see the Special Payment Terms section or ask the Institute Associate Scholar assisting you for details.

The GRAMCORD Institute does indeed accept personal checks and money orders. (Institutional purchase orders accepted with prior approval.)

If you have special needs and would like to make time payments on your software order total exceeding $100, you may request special terms. The most typical arrangement is 1/2 down and the balance in 60 days. Payments can be made by sending two checks with delayed processing requested for the second check. (You MUST attach a prominent note to the 2nd check requesting delayed deposit.)

We can also time invoices and payments to fit your institutional fiscal year, your church's new year's book budget, or even your next semester's scholarship payment. For 30+ years we've made all kinds of arrangements so as to make GRAMCORD Institute software affordable to everyone. We are a nonprofit organization -- so we offer terms unheard of among the commercial publishers.

All special payment terms must be pre-approved by The GRAMCORD Institute. (A telephone call is preferred but email is acceptable.)

Yes, we accept PayPal payments.

Many of our users find PayPal a convenient means of nearly instantaneous payment and an economical method of currency conversion. Visit www.paypal.com for details on making such secure payments by means of the Internet. When using PayPal, do NOT issue the payment to any of our online email addresses used for correspondence. Instead, PayPal payments must be dispatched to the special reserved address which we provide at the time of your order.

Ask us for our special PayPal email address before dispatching your PayPal payment!

Why no shopping cart on the new website?

We prefer to deal individually and personally with each inquirer. Unlike most of the commercially published programs, we do not believe "one size fits all" and we want to make sure everyone understands their choices. (In fact, sometimes those choices include "Palm vs. PocketPC" for those who are about to order a new computer as well as new software.) Also, we sometimes recommend a more basic introductory program such as GreekFlash Pro or the Lightning Starter CD-- or even an economical GRAMCORD GNT/NAS95 bundle on a deferred time-payment plan. If someone is starting a seminary degree, we know that they will soon "grow into" the full-power of the GRAMCORD system. However, for those who do not yet know if they plan to learn a Biblical language, we may recommend the combination of English Bible search English-Greek interlinear features found in GreekMaster. Plus, a lot of inquirers tell us, "I have about X dollars to work with. What would you recommend as most important for my research?" We want everyone to be pleased with their selection. We believe the only way to do that is "person to person" and not via the automated website shopping cart. Of course, if someone knows exactly what they want and are in a hurry, they can simply provide a list of items and the usual contact and Visa/MC information. (For those who want to pay by check but still want instant shipment, we will accept a Visa/MC as security against shipment with the final payment by check to follow within seven days.)

What about software returns?

In order to keep our nonprofit prices as low as possible, The GRAMCORD Institute limits operational expenses wherever possible. Of course, most software publishers do not allow ANY software returns -- because software pirates simply purchase a CDROM, install it or make a copy, and then return it for a full refund. This expense -- plus the lost revenue and staff overhead -- must be compensated through higher software prices. As a nonprofit entity, TGI's Board of Directors determined that allowing purchase-and-return piracy would in effect mean that honest users would have to pay higher prices so that dishonest users could pay nothing at all. Obviously, this is very unfair. (DVD, VCR tape, audio CD, and the majority of software CD publishers have reached identical conclusions. To verify this reality, just ask a local retailer if you may purchase and then return any such products!) Therefore, The GRAMCORD Institute allows software returns ONLY in verified cases where there is a true equipment or software incompatibility and our technical support engineers are unable to provide a solution. (For example, in certain circumstances a particular Israeli version of Windows interferes with GRAMCORD's fonts. We immediately honor returns related to this incompatibility.) In no circumstances will returned software be accepted for credit without first requesting and being issued a RMA (Return Materials Authorization). Anyone uncertain about whether a particular TGI program is appropriate to their needs is encouraged to discuss their research or learning objectives with one of our Associate Scholars OR by experimenting with GRAMCORD software at any of the hundreds of our site licensed institutions worldwide or at an academic conference.

What about software piracy?

Even with due care, GRAMCORD software is often pirated. Besides simple duplication of CDROMs, we find that some users order an update CDROM and then give the old version CDROM to a friend -- and then we discover the piracy when the friend calls for technical support after losing the password sheet. Please respect TGI copyrights and the copyright permissions of the many publishers who allow us to publish their reference works and bibles within our software bundles. Anyone who discovers that they have a pirated or otherwise unlicensed copy of GRAMCORD Institute software may contact us and request conversion to a valid license by paying the appropriate royalties and related fees.

One of our goals as a nonprofit publisher and research institute is to provide the lowest possible prices on Biblical language software tools. Discouraging software piracy and bogus purchase-and-return fraud makes our low prices possible -- as well as hundreds of software donations annually throughout the world.

What are The GRAMCORD Institute's hours for telephone orders?

A staff member is usually available from 9am to 11pm Monday through Saturday at (360) 576-3000. If we are short-staffed or if you call during a heavy volume period (or outside of our regular hours), you can always leave your order details on our voicemail system. (It is secure.) If you prefer that we telephone you for the completion of your order, we can indeed return all North American phone messages as soon as staffing permits. (If call volume is high it can sometimes take a few hours -- but the vast majority are returned within 30 minutes.) We will call you back within North America at our expense. If you are calling from overseas, we encourage use of email and fax. IMPORTANT: If all of our phone lines are busy and you reach our voicemail system, please "DO NOT" hang up. If you don't leave a message with your phone number, we can't return your call! Please help us to serve you by leaving both a day and evening phone number OR an email address. We reply to most messages within a few minutes. During high order-volume periods, we may have a significant backlog of messages -- each deserving our time and attention. We appreciate your patience as we do our best to assist all callers as quickly and as helpfully as we can. If your voicemail message includes a range of times when you can best be reached, you will help us to minimize "telephone tag". Thank you!

Using our phone company's GRAMCORD Institute voicemail system:

You will never receive a busy signal when calling The GRAMCORD Institute. If our phone lines are currently occupied, the local telephone company routes your call to our voicemail box on their computer system. (This also happens when you call us outside of our normal business hours.) Of course, because we use the telephone company's voicemail computers, there is no point in asking us to "Pick up please! Aren't you guys there??" Also, if you set an autodialer and repeatedly call us without leaving a voicemaiil message, you will only delay our assisting you -- and you will add to our telephone expenses because the rerouting of incoming phone calls between our offices incurs long distance toll charges. We respond to voicemails on a first-come/first-served basis -- so the sooner your leave a message, the faster we can reply to you.

Please speak clearly, slowly, and audibly when leaving voicemails. Keep in mind that cell phones often leave behind inaudible voicemail messages. Always repeat phone numbers and other key information when leaving voicemail messages. Few things frustrate our staff more than long messages that come through clearly but the call-back phone number sounds like it was left by a hurried auctioneer

Please keep in mind that the staff member taking your call or reading your email message reads and replies to hundreds of messages per week -- but your previous messages may not have been among them. Never assume that a particular Institute staff member will be familiar with your situation or recognize you by first name alone.. Please provide a complete context to all emails and voicemails. (The message "This is John. I've decided to go ahead and order that update we discussed. Send it to my school address. Thanks!" is unlikely to be processed intelligently -- even if you talked with a staff member only an hour before!) When emailing us, please include a complete thread of prior related messages whenever possible. It saves us time-consuming searches through our email archives and logs.

Believe it or not: Email is not totally reliable!

If you read computer related publications, you've seen plenty of articles with discouraging titles like "The Death of Email" and "Spam Has Doomed Email Forever". Unfortunately, such reports are not just cynical exaggerations. Spam (and the viruses which often come with them) is now estimated at between 70% and 85% of all email traffic. In reaction, many overburdened ISPs and email systems are utilizing overly aggressive spam filter systems such that increasing numbers of legitimate emails are being deleted by mistake. Therefore, NO ONE should consider email delivery 100% guaranteed. Your email may "disappear" on the Internet en route -- before we ever see it. Or our reply may likewise be an Internet casualty long before it reaches your computer (or a filter on your computer might delete it before you see it). Therefore, if you do not get a reply to an email sent to The GRAMCORD Institute within 48 hours, assume that your message failed to reach us OR our reply was somehow deleted on its way back to you. Obviously, we carefully process each and every one of the hundreds of emails we receive each week -- so if you don't hear from us, assume your message or our reply was lost. Just email us again OR give us a call. (You'd be amazed at how often our reply to an email address bounces back with the message "No such address" or "Mailbox full!")

Special needs? Just ask!

We are here to serve. If you have a special need (e.g. timing a delayed payment to coincide with next semester's grant money or your church's new fiscal year book budget), just ask. As a nonprofit organization, we can usually accomodate all sorts of special situations. We also have funding set aside for software scholarships and matching-dollar research tool grants.



Learn more about organizing a group of 2 or more for special quantity discounts


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