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Group Discounts/Quantity Discounts

Most of the software distributed by The GRAMCORD Institute is subject to special discounts -- even starting with quantity two orders. But in general, the larger the quantity the more you save.

Any group of individuals (even a group of two in most cases) can submit its orders together so as to enjoy special quantity pricing. Although one centralized order is the norm, "together" will not always mean that one person submits the entire group's order. Rather, groups can also be pre-arranged so that each individual calls/emails and places his/her separate order -- and each person identifies their group affiliation so as to get the quoted discount price. For GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS quantity pricing, continue reading this page and then go directly to the GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS Group Orders webpage.

Rather than spending enormous sums on advertising -- the norm in the commercial software industry -- we offer special quantity discounts in order to encourage you to help us offer the lowest possible prices on GRAMCORD Institute software. (We'd rather let you do the advertising and have you pocket the difference. As much as 3/4 of the price of commercially published software goes to advertising expenses and reseller margins. Help us to "cut out" the middle-man. That's why we deal directly with the end-user public.) While most groups are organized in a common geographical area, a group of two or more can be ANYONE with whom you wish to organize. Our group orders have come from everyone from Bible college classes to alumni associations to denominational groups to "just-my-old-friends-from-my-seminary-days" to retirement home Bible studies. You may submit one check in payment OR everyone can individually pay by Visa/MC or personal checks.

Specific group order/quantity discount price schedules appear under the appropriate product section of this website. You may also phone/email The GRAMCORD Institute for a program specific group discount price quotation.

Organize a group order and get bonus software for yourself!

We offer various bonus items for the organizer of a group order. Ask about our current "organizer bonus" items and special offers. You get special discounts on quantity orders -- and the organizer's bonus makes it an even better deal.

How do I organize a GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS group order?

Tell your colleagues about the special group discounts on GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS. Once they understand that GRAMCORD costs about half the price of the heavily advertised commercially-published Bible programs and that GRAMCORD is better suited for Greek/Hebrew/English Bible research, word-of-mouth will build your group quickly. (The average group order has been around 15. You are not restricted to a campus community. You may organize groups wherever you wish.)

Most group organizers submit member information by email or postal letter. Make sure we have complete contact information: name, address, phone, and email if possible.. (We may need to contact them if the check/card bounces OR if there is an ambiguity in the order.)

We can process individual cards and checks. However, because of the constant problem of credit cards "bouncing", we prefer payment by check or money order when possible. (If you would like to save this ministry significant expenses, one check covering all the orders is appreciated -- but not required.) If possible, just one "organizer" should collect and forward everything as one consolidated group order. (Since the pricing depends on the number, we need them submitted as a group.) However, if you have people at your institution wanting to order AFTER the group order is submitted, they will be given the same pricing as the group for a period of 30 days if they identify the group by means of the organizer name (or the name of some other participants. In other words, "stragglers" can get the same price after the order is placed by identifying the group. Stragglers should order directly and NOT through the organizer per se.)

Each individual will receive their own shrink wrapped software bundle containing their selections AND an invoice with their name and details on it. When the shipment arrives, it is easy to pass out each individual's bundle by name because each is individually shrink-wrapped.

There is a $8 s/h fee added to each and every individual's invoice if the bundles are shipped to one common U.S. address. If it is necessary to ship SOME of the orders to OTHER addresses, there is a $10 shipping/handling fee (in the U.S.) per such invoice(s). You may invite non-seminarians to join the group and receive the same pricing or you may wish to contact and join with other seminary campuses. (The larger the group, the lower the price. Contact the Institute for large group prices and for non-U.S. Shipping/handling charges.)

Think of the group order as simply a collection of orders that one person assembles and sends to us. (However, we sometimes allow one person to start the process and then other members of the group gradually call in and add themselves to the group.) If you want to speed the processing of group orders, email the list of names and selections even while the checks are being postal mailed. That allows us to begin processing the order and will hasten delivery of your shipment (especially when we are handling many group orders from multiple campuses.

For more information about GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS group orders, visit the Group Discounts on GRAMCORD for Windows webpage.



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