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Welcome to The GRAMCORD Institute Website

Colleagues & Friends,

We thank you for your interest in the unique mission and nonprofit research of The GRAMCORD Institute. Since 1976 this consortium of seminary professors and publishing scholars has shared its computer-based tools not only with the Biblical studies academic community but with the beginning student, the teacher, the pastor, priest, rabbi, and translator -- all who share a passion for the Greek and Hebrew original language texts. Not everyone needs the "power user" features associated with the GRAMCORD trademark -- but their presence alongside the parsings, definitions, cross-references, parallel texts, and syntax notes is a reminder that your GRAMCORD software is an investment you will never outgrow. GRAMCORD always includes the basics -- and yet the power is there if and when you need it.

The very low prices on our GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS software reflects the fact that a nonprofit organization has no shareholders to whom it must pay dividends. (To comply with our government charter we must only break even by the end of our fiscal year.) By selling directly to the end user we eliminate the dealer margins that constitute from 30% to 70% of retail software prices. We also avoid the amortization costs of long-term contracts on full-page magazine advertisements that can cost up to 12,000 per issue and more. No wonder that GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS users often pay less than 1/2 the price of the commercial Bible software packages -- and enjoy access to new versions of the famed GRAMCORD databases long before they are released to the mainstream publishers. Indeed, we are proud to offer not only the revered "classic" Biblical language research system, but a number of very economical Greek, Hebrew, and English Bible programs and language tutorials that are affordable to almost everyone. (Moreover, as part of our nonprofit mission, we offer special payment terms upon request and donate thousands of dollars worth of software to institutions in developing countries.)

We never promise that our premier GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS Ultimate Bundle system is appropriate for everyone. (There is far too much "hype" in the commercial marketplace claiming that some amazing Bible program will bring to the English Bible user all the insights unique to the Greek and Hebrew texts.) Anyone with a basic understanding of linguistics and exegesis knows the pitfalls of naive usage of Strong's concordance and do-it-yourself exegesis -- and we regularly caution callers who say "I want to know what the Greek text really says" to start with a reading of D. A. Carson's Exegetical Fallacies. I'd recommend the book even if Dr. Carson was not the President of The GRAMCORD Institute. :-) However, we can say that for those who share our research interests in the original language texts and the appropriate inductive methods of study, GRAMCORD will meet your needs. If you understand or are presently learning the basic structure and parsing terminologies (e.g. "aorist", "infinitive", "subjunctive") of the Biblical languages, you will greatly benefit from GRAMCORD. (You don't have to be a scholar to appreciate scholarly software. Our Wheeler Syntax Notes even help with the definitions of those parsing terms! Every GRAMCORD for Windows bundles also includes both NASB Strong's and KJV Strong's systems.) We may suggest that you consider some of our Greek/Hebrew learning/drilling programs. In any case, please contact us by phone or email and a member of our staff -- all of whom are past or present seminary professors (or Ph.D. and Masters students completing their studies) and well trained in Biblical languages -- will help you determine which tools are right for you.

As the growing popularity of GRAMCORD software allows us to push prices lower and lower, we anticipate that the coming months will break all previous records. You might want to take advantage of the new lower prices when choosing a thoughtful gift for a graduating seminarian or a favorite Bible teacher. (Gift certificates are available in any amount.) For even lower prices, consider organizing a group. Our new website will be expanding to include brochures and handouts which you can download and distribute to others. No wonder that our average group order consists of 17 seminary students ordering super-discounted GRAMCORD bundles along with GreekFlash Pro and Hammoreh. (And many of them are checking out the new GRAMCORD Lite for Palm & Windows CE/Pocket PC.)

When the for-profit publishers have called it a day, our staff is working evenings and weekends when you are actually USING your Bible software. (And that's when you might have a question!) You won't find our superior after-hours technical support and user services anywhere else. (I'm writing this letter at 11:30pm on a Saturday night and a pastor just called us to add a Septuagint module so he could double-check an item in his sermon outline!) We can usually be reached Monday through Saturday, 9am to 11pm, Pacific Time. And if scheduling or high call volume finds us understaffed at that moment, we will return all North American calls at our expense as soon as we can. (Yes, once in a while it seems that everyone calls all at once -- such as 9am when we open!) We are a nonprofit organization incorporated under the State of Washington to serve the Biblical research our Associate and affiliated scholars. Call us at 360-576-3000 and we will be pleased to welcome you into the family of GRAMCORD users in this, our 30th anniversary year.

Institute President Dr. D. A. Carson, our Associate Scholars, and the entire GRAMCORD Institute team thank you for visiting The GRAMCORD Institute on-line. We hope you will look around or give us a call -- or simply send us an email. And please help us to support these nonprofit prices by telling a friend about The GRAMCORD Institute's mission and software. Remember that many of our programs are discounted in groups of two or more!



Professor Paul A. Miller
Executive Director, The GRAMCORD Institute

Contact Prof. Paul A. Miller, Executive Director,  BibleScholars(at)GRAMCORD•org,
The GRAMCORD Institute, 2218 NE Brookview Dr., Vancouver, WA 98686, U.S.A.
Phone (360) 576-3000; FAX 775-361-9367.




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