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What is The GRAMCORD Institute?

The GRAMCORD Institute is a Washington Non-Profit Corporation founded for the purpose of conducting and assisting the computer-assisted analysis of Biblical languages. Best known for the GRAMCORD Greek New Testament Grammatical Concordance System, the Associate Scholars of the Institute have sought to create linguistic and exegetical tools for research objectives not addressed by the for-profit commercial publishing sector.

Originally founded in 1976 at Indiana University under the name Project GRAMCORD, the Institute was reorganized and incorporated as a research institute in 1985 under the auspices of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Due to explosive growth, the addition of Associate Scholars from other institutions, and the appointment of Institute Executive Director Paul A. Miller as Visiting Research Professor of Computer-Assisted Studies at Multnomah Graduate School, The GRAMCORD Institute was moved to Vancouver, Washington and reincorporated in 1991.

Most of the software distributed by The GRAMCORD Institute was developed by Institute personnel for their own research purposes and publishing projects. For example, the original GRAMCORD Greek New Testament was developed in order to produce A Syntactical Concordance of the Greek New Testament to be published by The University of Chicago Press (see below). Nevertheless, in recent years the Institute has diversified beyond the purely scholarly research tools in order to provide tutorial and instructional materials geared to individuals learning the original languages of the Bible. In contrast to most commercial publishers, The GRAMCORD Institute actively supports Windows along with Palm and Windows CE/Pocket PC.

If you would like to read a welcome message from the Institute's Director, click to the Welcome to the GRAMCORD Institute page.

What are the most significant research projects now underway at The GRAMCORD Institute?

Institute Associate Scholars D. A. Carson, Paul A. Miller, and James Boyer are under contract with The University of Chicago to produce A Syntactical Concordance of the Greek New Testament. This reference volume will provide exhaustive concordances for a large number of grammatical/syntactical constructions along with statistical analysis, classification designations, scatter plots, and commentary. For example, the section entitled "Genitive Absolutes" associates five categorization tags with every genitive absolute example in the GET based on such factors as defective/non-defective, order of the elements, etc. The statistical section further analyzes these tags so that the reader may identify usage patterns for particular books/authors, look for correlations to the genre, as well as compare with usage patterns for other constructions. Underway since 1978, this ambitious compilation will culminate in approximately 1600 pages of double-column text.

The GRAMCORD Greek New Testament Expanded Database Project (GEDP) is a major revision and expansion of the original GRAMCORD GNT first produced by the Institute in 1977. In addition to the refinement of the original classification scheme, the GEDP will add other tag categories beyond the basic morphological scheme of the original database as well as correct and harmonize data from the standard reference works. Electronics links direct the user to the "editorial decisions" that governed the tagging of a particular word in a particular context. When completed, the database will be incorporated into yet another version of the GRAMCORD concordance system.

The GRAMCORD Institute has also financially sponsored and provided personnel for both the UPenn/CCAT Septuagint Morph Text Project and The Revised Westminster Hebrew MT Morphology Database. A substantial portion of Institute revenue from 1994 through 2000 sponsored editor sabbaticals, research assistants, and associated hardware costs. Most of the revenue from the sale of commercial for-profit sponsors advertising costs and reseller margins. The GRAMCORD Institute invests revenue in innovative, nonprofit research projects worldwide as well as the work of individual Biblical scholars. As we approach our 30th anniversary, we've taken a rapidly growing role in distributing heavily subsidized and even free exegetical software in the developing economies of the planet, all in the tradition of the many outstanding Bible societies who have brought the printed Scriptures to everyone, regardless of their financial means. Revenue from software sales in North America, Europe, and Australia serve to sponsor GRAMCORD software distribution wherever there is a need. From Kenya to The Phillippines, from Indonesia to Mexico, new generations of eager Bible students and promising Biblical scholars may never be able to afford a shelf full of original language reference tools and texts---but a single GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS CDROM equips them with resources on a par with those available to their American brethren and colleagues. The GRAMCORD Institute receives such requests almost daily from deserving seminaries and Bible colleges in virtually every nation. Your support of The GRAMCORD Institute represents a strategic investment in the future of Biblical studies and Biblical language education and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

GRAMCORD Institute Fellowships and Scholarships

Each year The GRAMCORD Institute awards computer equipment and GRAMCORD software to Biblical scholars who are pioneers in the creation of Biblical language databases.

The GRAMCORD Institute also donates and subsidizes thousands of dollars worth of GRAMCORD software to deserving students and young scholars with special needs. This has often meant placement of GRAMCORD software in seminaries and missions in developing countries. We also honor students and scholars who have utilized GRAMCORD tools to advance the fields of Biblical exegesis and Biblical linguistics.

If you would like to nominate a deserving student or institution for a GRAMCORD Institute grant of computer equipment or GRAMCORD software, please contact The GRAMCORD Institute and provide detailed information. Please understand that the volume of nominations often exceeds our annual budget resources. To identify deserving individuals and organizations, we reserve some grants for matching-dollar nominations programs. If your foundation, ministry, or charitable organization provides matching-grants for Biblical studies projects, please contact the Executive Director and ask about The GRAMCORD Institute's matching-grant Computer-Assisted Biblical Studies Program.

Donations in support of computer-assisted Biblical studies

The nonprofit GRAMCORD Institute appreciates those who have made its many scholarly research and publishing projects possible -- both by purchase of GRAMCORD software and by donation. While TGI makes few public appeals for donations, we are gratified by the enthusiasm of our software users who become regular donors.

You may wish to support the Institute's mission in general, donate specific GRAMCORD Institute software to a deserving individual or institution in a developing country, or perhaps "invest" in an area of your own personal academic interest. You may wish to provide computer equipment to individual Biblical scholars around the world whose work benefits the field of computer-assisted Biblical studies and Biblical language scholarship in general.

We suggest you consult your accountant or tax adviser concerning your particular charitable donation situation. However, in general, for your gift to be tax-deductible, you must comply with the following:

1) Contact the Institute Director by email (see the address at the bottom of every webpage) or phone (360) 576-3000 and request current instructions and special need that have come to our attention. You may donate directly to our 501c3 affiliate(s) or make arrangements for contributing to TGI projects that may operate in cooperation with your participating church, mission, or academic institution. Bequests from your estate will encourage eager seminarians in distant lands who may never own more than a very few Bible reference books but who somehow manage to buy an old personal computer with a mostly forgotten operating system---but The GRAMCORD Institute almost never ends its support of that aging computer that finds its way to the foreign field. (Keep in mind that tax deductibility rules and procedures vary greatly from country to country. TGI cannot take the place of your professional tax accountant.)

2) If you wish you may specify in general how you would like your donation to be used. Examples: send a GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS Ultimate Bundle to some deserving international student studying at a U.S. seminary; sponsor an institutional site license for Seminario Biblico in Argentina; sponsor Septuagint database development. On the other hand, to be potentially eligible for tax-deduction on your Form 1040 Schedule A, you may NOT specify, "Send a GRAMCORD Scholar's Bundle to John J. Smith who is a seminary student at DTS." The IRS does not usually permit tax deductions for gifts to explicitly named individuals. However, we MAY be able to work with the associated institution or mission in order to preserve the tax deductibility of your gift while directing the benefits to a particular individual's academic or mission project.

These are general guidelines and only the IRS and your professional tax accountant can determine the eligibility of your donation for tax-deduction purposes.

We thank you for your support of Greek and Hebrew Biblical language tools and databases -- and for sponsoring 30 years of GRAMCORD Institute research!

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