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What scholars are saying about GRAMCORD:

"Anyone who undertakes the exegesis of the New Testament without familiarity with GRAMCORD does so at their own peril." --- Dr. Gleason L. Archer, Professor Emeritus, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"I am presently working on a reference book that will put together GRAMCORD concordance results and analysis in a form useful to Bible translators and grammarians.... These technological developments will make thorough inductive analysis of Greek grammar more manageable... and will therefore contribute to the reduction of errors and the exposure of grammatical fallacies." --- Dr. D. A. Carson in Exegetical Fallacies (Baker Books), p. 89

"After examining several different products we chose the Bible Companion Series [with GRAMCORD GNT/HMT/LXX] as the official Bible-study software for our school and ministry. The program is installed on our network server and is available to all faculty, staff, and students. We use Bible Companion Software with GRAMCORD exclusively and unhesitatingly recommend it to our students." --- Dr. John MacArthur, the Master's Seminary, and Grace to You radio broadcast

"Several of the Ph.D. students ran Greek concordances for some very complicated grammatical constructions using a number of Bible programs. We were amazed to see how many examples GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS found that the other less-powerful programs didn't. I also appreciated that GRAMCORD provided results for situations where there was more than one possibility for the parsing. Also, in an instance where we weren't sure why GRAMCORD classified a particular word in a certain way, Dr. Wheeler wrote on behalf of the editorial team of the Westminster Morph text and explained the tagging. The tech support rep for another program we used clearly did not even understand the grammar question. Thanks!" --- Calvin Murphy, Ph.D. student

"Absolutely incredible!" --- Dr. Alexander A. Di Lella, Associate Editor, Old Testament Abstracts

"GRAMCORD is the most powerful Bible program available for Greek NT research... The GRAMCORD Greek NT is the most reliable text available... without doubt the premier software package for serious Bible study and research. The Greek NT module is considered the best machine-readable Greek New Testament database produced -- both in regards to its accuracy and the philosophy behind its grammatical tags." --- Dr. Harry Hahne, Computer-Assisted Bible Study section of CHORUS website

"An example of the kind of thing that I thought a program would be helpful for was, for a recent presentation at SBL, I wanted to show that there is no other case in the Bible, as in the juncture of Exod 19:25-20:1, where a vayyomer (plus or minus subject) + 'el- (1925 b). is used absolutely (ie--without citation provided) and then followed immediately by an initial wayyedaber (201). I just put together this search in GC...took about 15-30 seconds to construct and less that a second to run...and you are correct, the Exod 19:25-20:1 example was the only hit." [What follows is a reply from one of the Institute's Associate Scholars] One of the things that you asked for in the search, 'plus or minus subject' is something that you really can't do in any other program, but GC has always allowed for 'interdata', i.e.., data which may or may not occur at a specific location. GC also allows you to easily exclude data at a specific location in the search construction, to specify agreements between various elements (6 levels of agreement are possible), to specify absolute verse position of a word starting from the beginning of the verse, and many other types of things that most programmers would never think of.

Plenty of scholars-in-training appreciate the power of GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS:

"Thanks for the great student group price on GRAMCORD! I couldn't believe I could get all this for $135. I'm thankful that Moody Bible Institute endorses your program because I wasn't sure which program to choose. The low-price almost scared me away initially. I am very grateful for the GRAMCORD Institute's nonprofit work." -- Joseph Hee Park

"I could never have made it through my seminary Greek and Hebrew exegesis courses without GRAMCORD. I also appreciate the special payment terms that made it even more affordable." -- Gerald Jenkins, M.Div. student

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