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Inexpensive tools for building your Biblical language skills -- all for under $50!

GreekFlash Pro for Windows: $35

Now with full audio! Listen and learn Biblical Greek vocabulary. Click for more details.

Ziff-Davis's ZDNET, the publisher of PC Magazine, gave it the coveted 5-star rating. Combine the time-honored exercise of drilling Koine Greek vocabulary via flash cards but with the convenience, speed, and mnemonic advantages of modern computer technology. Automatically tracks those "problem words" which have given you trouble in the past by placing them in short or long-term memory. Whether a first semester beginner or a veteran refreshing your Greek vocabulary, GreekFlash Pro enables you to focus on strategic words and in the least possible time. Easily review over 2000 words (down to a frequency of nine occurrences in the GNT). Easily customize your own card sets or use the card sets designed to complement the work of William Mounce's "Basics of Biblical Greek", Warren Trenchard's "Complete Vocabulary Guide to the Greek New Testament", and Cullen & J. Lyle Story's "Greek to Me". GreekFlash Pro is something you will want to use on a regular base to preserve what you've already learned. Now with full audio capabilities. Pronunciation made easy.

Greekmaster With Gleason Archer CD-ROM: $50 (currently discounted to $39)

Listen and follow along as Dr. Archer, Professor Emeritus of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, carefully reads each word of the Greek New Testament. Known for his many scholarly publications as well as translation contributions to the New American Standard Bible, Dr. Archer has been an avid Greek reader since the age of 14 and is fluent in Greek, Hebrew, and 26 other languages! This special CD-ROM includes the UBS 4th Edition Greek Text, completely searchable NASB English New Testament, HW Improved Strong's Numbers, the UBS Greek NT Dictionary, and THREE exhaustive Concordances: Greek words, Greek roots, and English words -- all to be displayed in parallel, simultaneous windows. At just $39, a LOT of Bible study power and resources -- an affordable and yet impressive gift!

Hammoreh Hebrew Grammar Tutorial: $45

This DOS-based Hebrew grammar tutorial was developed in the early 1980's by Dr. T. V. Farris of Mid-America Baptist Seminary. The late Dr. Farris died before completion of a Windows-based Hammoreh. Nevertheless, many institutions and individuals continue to benefit from this unique program -- and our Windows-based installer creates a Windows desktop icon to provide easy launching.

Hammoreh offers unique visual reinforcement in the mastery of the basic grammatical forms of the Hebrew Old Testament. By means of color and animation Hammoreh unravels the bewildering puzzle of assimilated forms and patterns. The fascinating symmetry of ancient Hebrew is exposed through a self-paced, computer-based presentation that utilizes eye-catching techniques not available in the static confines of the conventional printed textbook or flashcards.

Indeed, Hammoreh is not just "flashcards on the screen" or a "textbook on computer" but a comprehensive system featuring color-coded analysis of the major Hebrew morphemes from nouns, adjectives, and prepositions to the full conjugated verb system including the "weak verb" modifications. However, Hammoreh begins with a simple introduction of the Hebrew alphabet. It may be considered to cover about two semesters of Hebrew morphology. (NOTE: Hammoreh does NOT attempt to cover Hebrew vocabulary per se. It offers something far more unique and powerful. A number of commercially-available products may be used for vocabulary building purposes as a complement to Hammoreh.)

Hammoreh can be acquired via password-enabled Internet download or on CD-ROM. (HAMMOREH is actually stored in a subdirectory on the GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS CD-ROM. A password is required for installation. Hammoreh was originally sold for $90 but is currently discounted to $45. [Although distributed on the unlockable GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS CD-ROM, you don't have to purchase GRAMCORD to use Hammoreh.]



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